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Keloid scars

CryoShape Medicare Ghana, is the nation’s premier dermatology & venereology specialist solutions provider. We are dedicated to providing treatment for various skin diseases in a professional and caring environment. We hold the sole accreditation to use CryoShape treatment for keloid scars in Ghana. CryoShape is a non- surgical one-time treatment for keloid scars which guarantees no pigmentary changes, no itching, no infection, minimal pain and no recurrence of the condition. Our accredited specialists is registered with the Israeli Scientific Council and Ghana Medical & Dental Council.

Advantages of Using CryoShape Treatment

• Significant reduction in scar volume after one treatment.
• Most cases require only a single session.
• Quick alleviation of pruritus, pain, discomfort and tenderness.
• Minimal or no hypopigmentation or other side effects.....Read more


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